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  • New Upload Request (iOS)  提交新发布 (iOS)
  • New Upload Request (iOS)  提交新发布 (iOS)

New Upload Request (iOS) 提交新发布 (iOS)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • a valid Apple Developer Account is required!
  • 需要有效的 苹果 开发者帐户!
  • all mandatory informations are required before submit for app review!
  • 在提交应用审核之前,必须提供所有必填信息!
  • kindly Ensure completion of the followings in the backend of your app account before Submit for app review:

    1. Developer email (Your registered and valid Apple Developer Account ID)
    2. Developer password (Valid Apple Developer Account Password)
    3. Description (The purpose and what features / functions users are able to get with the app you would like to send for publish)
    4. App name (Name of the app you would like to send for publish)
    5. Keywords (If any)
    6. Copyright (Ownership of the app you would like to send for publish)
    7. Notes (If any)
    8. Support url (A URL with support information for your app. This URL will be visible on the App Store.)
    9. Sharing Text
    10. Application icon (1024x1024 pixels)
    11. Splash Page portrait format image (640x960, 640x1136, 1536x2048 pixels)
    12. Splash Page landscape format image (2048x1536 pixels)
  • 请确保在提交应用程序审核之前在您的应用程序帐户的后端完成以下操作:


    开发者电子邮件(您已注册且有效的 Apple 开发者 登陆账号)

    开发者密码(有效的 Apple 开发者 登陆密码)






    支持 url(包含应用支持信息的 URL。此 URL 将在 App Store 中可见。)


    应用程序图标(1024x1024 像素)

    初始页面纵向格式图像(640x960、640x1136、1536x2048 像素)

    初始页面横向格式图像(2048x1536 像素)

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