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Appsmakerstore - 是一家提供您创建适用于所有平台 (如 苹果iOS、谷歌安卓、网络应用 以及 网站) 应用程序的 SaaS 现成和定制 移动应用程序的开发公司。


我们觉得任何机构的移动应用程序都应该是价格合理且易于管理,无需聘请昂贵且耗时的 IT 开发人员。适用于每个机构所需要的绝大部分 App 功能都已创建完成并包括在内,为何还需要耗费金钱与时间再去创建一个已经构建好了的东西呢?




通过,您可以升级您的应用程序并使用管理版面,管理并实时且自动更新您已发布的任何应用程序。例如我们所包括的 iTunes 或 Google Play 应用市场。我们可以为您构建应用程序,或您自己动手构建。没有隐藏费用,因为我们涵盖所有技术升级和托管,您只需维护您的应用程序即可。



Our History

Appsmakerstore Ltd was founded in London 2009 and first version went live on 28th November 2010.


HTML5 and Android versions were added during 2011 at a stage where many were reflecting that the Apps would go totally over to HTML5. But after Facebook turned down HTML5 ability for it’s platform, many others did move over to having both HTML5 for Web/Web Apps and full native technology for platforms such as Apple iOS and Google Android.


In 2012 the company moved its IPR and set up a holding with the name of Appsmakerstore Holding AS in Norway. Today, the operative part of the company is via Appsmakerstore Ltd in the United Kingdom.


Franchise and White Label models were introduced in 2012 as a main distribution channel.


Early 2013 Appsmakerstore became a Bizspark plus partner of Microsoft. An award that goes to startups with extreme high data volume potential. Later that year 40% of all Windows 8 Apps in the Norwegian Microsoft App marketplace were made using the Appsmakerstore platform.


Currently Appsmakerstore has more than 500,000 App and users sign ups World Wide.


In July 2014 company signed a new partner agreement in China with Brand Big Data, one of the leading big data analytic providers for many of the leading internet providers and companies in China.


July 2014 - Samsung B2B Channel partnership.


October 2014 - official distributor to Snap, Australia’s largest provider of printing, web and marketing services to over 500,000 SME’s, with a history with over 100 years of operation.

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